What’s cooking good looking?

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The toilet at my work was acting up. Actually it was in a constant state of bubbling.  Not sure how else to describe it, so I’ll let the picture do the talking.IMG_3412


New droopie poopie

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IMG_2747Started off as a solid piece of heaven then the outprocess of the alcohol added a nice droopie effect.

Above Sea Level and Still Fighting

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As you know, poop blogging is not exactly brimming with well known heroes of our day. Even the fisters get more respect than we do. So when a friend recommended that I start trying to expand on our product, well I saw a lot of possibilities in our future. Maybe make history? Who knows!

My first attempt  turned out to be fraught with danger and complications. It seemed simple in the beginning.

Lay down a layer of toilet paper before I dump in the toilet to get more texture with the photo. My dumper was full and ready so I  laid the layer toilet paper down, and bam…let her rip. I’d say, well, the pictures came out reasonably well. It kinda resembles an island (a young Hawaii?).

The problem hit me when I was staring at my fresh little creation…will this little beauty flush?

The little lump of moist soil-like chocolate resisted his fate. He didint want to go down the water slide to the abyss. His friends are there, I mean he’ll be ok. I assured him and flushed again. Another flush. NOOOO!!!! He would not go down. He sucked in water, resisted, held on to the flimsy paper for his dear little life.

flush, flush, flush….dammit, he wouldn’t leave me. He was taunting me! So I reach my hand in there and grabbed him. Most of his body squishes around my hand, but I see his little face, and I bite it off, spit it back in the toilet, piss on him real quick, then I gave one final flush and a farewell. Good bye little guy, your god has punished you. You are forever banished to the pits of the watery abyss. Bye Bye my little creation. Bye bye!

He died fighting

He died fighting

this is after his beating

this is after his beating


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The is the epic battle of Marvels Hulk vs The Thing. Hulk as you can see is a mean green monster while the Thing is a little softy. I think the Hulk wins this battle.

Radioactive Poopsies

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All the mangos I ate today led to this successful dropage. Notice the yellow tint? That’s not pee. Maybe its the radioactivity from the Mangos?IMG_2596

1/2 and 1/2

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Half solid – Half soft

Floaters at the Port

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I tried, a valiant effort indeed. These little droplets of joy were begging to be free. Maybe not the full litter I was hoping for but surely a precursor to a full fledged bout of diarrhea.

Enjoy, my butt juice thirsty mates.

Floaters Diarrhea

Floaters Diarrhea